field & quality inspections

Streamline inspections,
collect data, and automate reporting

Managers can standardise operations:

  • Design inspection checklists and process
  • Gain perspective into workforce performance
  • Identify weak areas with automated insights
  • Take action and get problems resolved

Field workers are empowered to:

  • Use the most up-to-date templates
  • Access forms without an Internet connection
  • Collect detailed and consistent data
  • Include photos, location, signatures
“One of biggest benefits of Fluix is its scalability. The solution can be used across multiple departments in multiple countries.”

Kathryn Ridsdale,
Mobile Engineer,
Siemens Gamesa

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Vehicle Inspection in Field Service

If you are an HVAC contractor, pest control company, or other field service provider, fleet management is probably a secondary concern for you. Regulatory bodies don’t see it that way, and require the same level of compliance, safety, and accountability as large transportation hubs.

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Vehicle checks are not just about compliance. Real-time reporting of identified defects and their severity allows fleet managers to take immediate actions and schedule repairs right away. Operational downtime is therefore minimized by more effective fleet maintenance and optimized vehicle availability.

When collected data is exported and analyzed, it provides a real insight into recurring damage, part performance, and driver behaviour.

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