How to Make Your Team More Productive with Paperless Work Orders

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How to Make Your Team More Productive with Paperless Work Orders

How to make your team more productive with paperless Work Orders

As we said in our first post of this series, efficiency is a must in any business. Our customers used to waste a lot of time on activities that do not generate revenue. One of such activities is processing work orders. If your company is still managing work orders in an ‘old-school’ way, that’s what you probably come across from time to time.

  • Field technicians need to drive to the office all the time to pick up new assignments and drop off the filled out paperwork.
  • It takes longer than it should to charge customers for provided services
  • Impossible to correct mistakes in real time. As a result – some of the documents should be delivered to the office and back for a number of times.
  • Inefficient use of employees’ time
  • High cost of printing and storing paper

Each of mentioned above points is already a good reason to change your existing process and improve it to make sure employees’ and your time is not wasted on side jobs, but fully dedicated to revenue generating activities. It might seem a bit scary to change the process that has been working for your company for years, however the steps are very simple and will start bringing positive result very fast. Here are some things our customers from your industry have already done to be more efficient:

  • Deployed iPads for their field team
  • Fully eliminated paper documents and substituted them with fillable PDFs
  • Fully eliminated e-mailing files back and forth
  • Started using centralized location for storing all template and completed documents

The results they have achieved are impressive:

  • Every technician visits more sites every day
  • All data is delivered to the office in real time
  • Any mistake can be corrected with one tap and will be reflected right away
  • Customers get billed much faster (by the time technician leaves the customer they can already be charged)

Stay tuned! We’ve covered time cards management in our previous post. Tips on more efficient processing of Expense Reports, Inspection Reports, Contracts, Manuals and Safety Requirements are coming. There is a big potential in transferring all you documents to paperless environment which makes generating revenue much easier. We’ve got vast expertise in creating paperless document flows for our customers, so let us know if you’d like to set up one in your company as well.