What do I do if something goes wrong?

If something goes wrong or doesn’t work as expected, there are a couple of things you can try:

1. Consult Fluix user guide for tips on how to work with the app. Fluix user guide is available under app Settings ->App Guide

2. Contact your company account Admin for help

3. Tap Help in the bottom left corner and send the diagnostics to the Fluix Support Team

4. Contact Fluix Support Team at and we’ll be glad to assist you

How to submit a request/logs to Fluix Support Team?

To send a request and logs to the Fluix Support Team, please ensure that you are running the latest app version and follow the next steps:

  1. Tap on a question mark in the bottom left-hand corner
  2. Select the category, describe the issue and attach a screenshot to illustrate the issue
  3. Tap Send and do not close or minimize the app until the green checkmark appears. Otherwise, the logs will not be sent.

Our support team will investigate the cause of the issue and will get back to you with the solution.

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Files aren’t syncing on my iPad/iPhone

If you’re having a hard time downloading files to your device, or the synchronization process is taking too long, try one of the following options to restart Fluix:

  1.   Make sure you have a stable Internet connection. Try turning Wi-Fi/cellular networks OFF and ON, connect to other networks if possible.

  2.   Swipe down to refresh the sync process.

  3.   Relaunch the application. Press the Home button two times quickly-> you’ll see small previews of your recently used apps -> swipe up on the app’s preview to close it -> relaunch Fluix and check the sync progress.

  4.  Make sure you have the latest app version of Fluix. Check the App Store for any pending updates.

  5.  If nothing helped, send us logs from your device (Check the previous article ‘How to submit a request/logs to Fluix Support Team?‘). Our support team will reach out to you shortly.

Learn how Fluix works for teams in various industries.

I forgot my password and can’t log in

  1. If you don’t remember your Fluix password, use Forgot Your Password link under Log in button:

2. Type in your email address and proceed to your email to reset the password.
3. If you can’t remember your email associated with Fluix, please contact your company account Admin.

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Fluix keeps crashing on launch

If the app is crashing on launch, please take the following steps:

1. Go to the device Setting

2. Find Fluix in the list of the apps and activate Safe mode:


3. Log in to the Fluix app

4. Tap Upload on the appeared message

5. Email to the Fluix Support Team at and describe the issue

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