4.1. Two-way synchronization

To allow two-way synchronization (sync) between a folder in the Network section and its online storage, enter the Network section and swipe down. Alternatively, you can press ‘Sync All Folders’ in the main Network section menu.


With two-way sync, whenever you make any changes within the document, those changes will be saved to your storage as well.

Please note: this feature is active only if configured by your company’s Fluix account admin. Additionally, folder syncing can use your Wi-Fi or cellular network connection, but given that large folder syncing (like an entire Dropbox account) can be very slow, we recommend choosing only those folders you really need.

Another way to setup two-way sync is to setup a workflow with a folder as document delivery method. Each folder will have a traffic light indicator before folder name

that reflects its current sync status. A padlock icon on the folder indicates one-way sync, when changes are not saved to the server.

It is possible to turn synchronization on and off by swiping left a folder

and selecting the mode in the very right circle icon. The left circle allows enforcing immediate synchronization with the server.