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Ready for a Trial?

Follow three simple steps below to get a sneak peek of how Fluix looks inside and what you can do with its help:

  1. Register a trial
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Explore and test the preconfigured setup

1. Register a Trial

To register a free 14-days trial account, simply fill out a short trial form on our website and follow one of the paths that is relevant to your needs.

2. Log in to Your Account

Once the path is passed, verify your email address in an invitation email and log into your Fluix trial account at For better experience, please use desktop or laptop.

3. Explore and Test the Setup

Upon login, you end up in the Admin Portal — the heart of Fluix, where you can set up all kind of workflows, change any settings, manage teams, collect data and perform many other tasks.

Here we go!

The starting point is the Fluix Storage, where you can either upload your own PDF forms, or use Fluix templates to test the software.

The next step is to test the setup. It was automatically preconfigured based on path you selected upon trial registration.

To proceed, please navigate to the Configuration section -> Workflows tab:

Click on the workflow name to see the participants and document flow chart, according to which your end users will route documents on their devices. At this point you have a couple of options:

— put on hat of your end user and pass the document flow. You can do that either from the web browser version of the application or iOS device. The latter would be more illustrative since on iPads and iPhones you can make all kind of annotations that is not yet available in the web version. To proceed with the iOS version, please go to the App Store, download the application and log in with the credentials you used to log in to the admin account. To give it a try in the web browser version, switch to the User App section. From here you could open the form, fill it out and send to the next stage according to the submit rule that was configured in a workflow.

— play with setup and change the workflow. To change the workflow, simply click on Edit Workflow and add more participants, change the storage, add or remove submit rules, etc.

Was that helpful? Reach out to us at for a demo or chat if you have any questions or proceed to the next article and create your own workflow.

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