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How to integrate with Google Sheets via Zapier

Zapier is a platform that easily connects the web applications you use. In this article we will describe how to connect document management software Fluix to Google Sheets via Zapier and let your data flow directly to your spreadsheets without having to manually download and copy it.

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To enable an automatic Fluix Data export by connecting  Fluix to Google Sheets via Zapier, please follow the instructions below.

1. Log into Fluix, under Data navigate to Datasets

2. Select a dataset or its filtered view, click ‘Export’ and keep the dialog box open

3. Log in to Zapier:

4. Click ‘Accept Invite & Build a Zap’

5. Click ‘Make a Zap’

6. Under ‘Choose a Trigger App’ type in and select Fluix

7. Connect an account by copying the username and password from Fluix (from the ‘Export’ dialog box in step 2 above)

8. In the Fluix ‘Export’ dialog box copy the first ‘Authorization Link (Power BI) and click ’Continue’, example:

9. Select one of the documents in the list to set up your Zap

10. Select Google Sheet as an app to connect

11. Select Google Sheets Action

12. Insert Google Sheets information where the spreadsheet resides and other fields you would like be mapped to the report and click ‘Continue’ to test the set-up. Zapier will notify you about a test completion. Example:

13. After a successful Zap set-up, all completed documents will be exported directly to the selected Google Sheet spreadsheet (Zap will automatically check for your Fluix Data Export every 15 minutes).

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