First Steps in Fluix Trial

What is Fluix?

Fluix is a no-code software solution that helps companies to go paperless and automate their business processes.

What I can achieve with Fluix?

Fluix will help you save costs and man hours by means of:

  • Digitizing paperwork
  • Automating document and task workflows
  • Streamlining team collaboration
  • Automating reporting and data analysis

What Fluix does?

In Fluix you can:

  • Distribute manuals and other documents to remote teams
  • Fill out forms and annotate documents on mobile devices and web app
  • eSign and collect your customer eSignatures
  • Review and approve documents and tasks
  • Aggregate and export collected field data for reporting and analyzing
  • Provide granular access controls for your users, groups and administrators
  • Track team performance

Popular use cases

The most popular uses cases are:

  • Mobile Field Inspections
  • Submittals
  • Contract eSigning
  • Time Cards
  • Invoicing
  • Work Orders
  • Audits & compliance
  • Employee training management
  • HR

What platforms and languages are supported?

Fluix is supported on iPad, iPhone and via web browsers. The app on iOS devices is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Bokmål languages. Web version is in English.

Who is behind Fluix?

Fluix is one of the products created by Readdle, a Ukrainian mobile application development company. Our offices are located in Dublin, Berlin, San Francisco, Kyiv and Odessa.

Sounds like a good fit? Then we invite you to the next article Before You Start to learn more about the product. You can also drop us a line at or chat on the web site. We’d love to hear from you!

Before you start

Fluix solution was specifically designed to get you started in merely 15-30 minutes. You don’t need dedicated IT resources or special knowledge to deploy Fluix.

Three things to become up and running with Fluix: 

1. Team

In your trial account, you can start on your own. Meanwhile, the core value you get from Fluix is to streamline business processes within your team. From our experience teams of 10+ people notice positive ROI within a month.

2. Processes

To automate the processes in Fluix you’ll need to map them in Fluix workflow builder. So, think of the ideal scenario for your use case, sequence of tasks, that should be performed by the teams, documents that need to be filled out, and actions required.

3. Devices

Fluix is supported on iOS devices and web browsers. Historically, our customers are Apple adepts due to stability, clear design and exceptional reliability of iOS devices. However, the development of the Fluix app on the Android platform is also in progress.

Are you ready to start? To hit the ground running, register your free 14-day trial account.

Have questions or need help? Feel free to contact us at or chat on the web site, we are always happy to assist.

Choose Your Plan

Your trial account includes all features and is free for 14 days. No credit card needed, just fill out the trial form and get started. Once you’re ready to roll out and deploy the solution enter your billing information on the Fluix Admin Portal at any time, or contact us for assistance.

You can choose one of three plans: Starter, Core, or Advanced:

Starter Plan is a great way to get started using Fluix in a relatively small team and automate basic document routing processes., e.g. fill out documents in the field and archive them on the company storage, or to collect client signatures remotely and instantly email the final version to the office and the client.

Core plan is preferred by companies with more advanced business processes that include approval management, integrations, reporting, etc.

Advanced plan is a sophisticated solution for bigger companies with multiple teams that interact with each other, diverse access controls to the account, large arrays of data to collect and analyze.

All plans include:

  • Offline Access on iOS devices
  • Web version of the app
  • Third party cloud Integration
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Email Support
  • Knowledge Base

To learn more details about each of the plans, go to

Give us a call or start a chat if you are not sure which plan to choose. We’re always glad to provide you with more details and help you make the right decision.

We accept all major types of credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc. We also support wire transfers and cheques for quarterly and annual billing.

You can change or cancel your subscription anytime.

Not sure what plan to choose? Need help in form creation or consulting? We are here to help! Request a Demo, call us at +1 650-433-9008 (US), 

+44 2392 16 2010 (UK) or email at

Deploy in 3 steps

To start working in Fluix, you do not need to be tech-savvy or spend hours of time to learn the basics and train your colleagues. To start the pilot project with your team, please follow three steps below:

Step 1: Add users to the account and create Groups for them according to their role in the process. Add your team members who will be working with Fluix.

Step 2: Create a workflow to automate the document process.

Step 3: Test the setup as the end-user. 

Step 1. Adding users to the account

To add users to your account, navigate to the Configuration section, Users tab:

All you need to know is the users’ email addresses and names. Use the New User button to add accounts one by one, or click on Import/Export and import a CSV file with a list of contacts to add in bulk.

After the users are added, we recommend organizing them in Groups depending on their roles in the document flow (e.g. Sales Team, Office Managers, etc.). You can do that following to the next tab Groups.

Step 2. Create a Workflow

Through workflows, users and groups can receive PDF files on their devices, annotate them, fill out forms, digitally sign documents, and submit to the next step in the process.

Before creating a workflow, make sure to have the main components ready:

-users that will participate in a workflow

-documents that will be shared available either in Fluix storage or one of the 3rd party storages

-the document flow you need to set up.

To start building a workflow, go to Configuration -> Workflows, click on the New Workflow button:

You will see a list of the users and groups that you have in Fluix. Select a group or a single user to which this workflow will be applied. To apply the workflow to all users in the account, select All Users:

You will then be redirected to Workflow editing mode where you can continue building a workflow. On the left-hand sidebar you can see a list of participants, which you can alter by dragging blocks around, or simply discard a user or a group by clicking on the cross:

For each participant of workflow, you will have a separate space where settings can be added. Each Workflow rule is a pair of incoming Document source and outgoing Submit rule, that controls how users receive and send a document on each step of the workflow. Naturally, each participant needs to have at least one Document source to take part in the workflow.

To learn more about the most common workflows, document sources and submit rules, and other workflow details, please follow the Workflows articles.

Step 3. Test the Setup as the end-user

Put on the hat of your field worker and replicate the document flow. You can do that either from the web browser version of the application or iOS device. The latter would be more illustrative since on iPads and iPhones you can make all kind of annotations that is not yet available in the web version.

To proceed with the iOS version, please go to the App Store, download the application and log in with the credentials you used to log into the Admin’s account.

To give it a try in the web browser version, simply switch to the User App section. From here you could open the form, fill it out, and send it to the next stage according to the submit rule that was configured in a workflow.

Have questions or need help? Feel free to contact us at or chat on the web site, we are always happy to assist.

Trial Expired

If you didn’t have chance to have a closer look at the Fluix trial account before it expired, or need more time to evaluate the service, just let us know by email or chat and we’ll be glad to extend your trial account and provide any assistance you might need.

Feel free to contact us at or chat on the web site, we’d love to hear from you.

Learn how Fluix works for teams in various industries.

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