7.5. Connect SharePoint list library to Fluix

Many organizations use the Microsoft 365 package to set up specific file-sharing procedures between the team members. While being its massive part, SharePoint online easily integrates with Fluix, providing even more flexibility for team collaboration. 

In fact, in addition to the obvious ability to connect SharePoint online as a remote storage for hosting documents processed in Fluix, you can also integrate Fluix with Sharepoint list libraries so that your files will be structured in Fluix the same way as on your Sharepoint list library.

How it works

The attributes belonging to the document stored in the SharePoint list library, are represented as a folder structure in Fluix, in a sequence that will be specified by the Fluix account admin upon connecting the new SharePoint list library to Fluix.

SharePoint list view example: 

Fluix folder structure view example:

/Category/Horizontal-axis-turbines/Brand/SiemensGamesa/Rate Power/11MW/Turbine specs.pdf

How to connect

Simply insert the desired sequence of attributes separating it with the coma into the field that pops up upon Sharepoint list storage authorization in Fluix.

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