Go-Go-Gadget iPad!

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Go-Go-Gadget iPad!

The idea of a “Tablet computer” has appeared in a number of sci-fi movies and television shows since the mid 1900’s. A more “recent” and well-known show, Star Trek: The Next Generation, featured a tablet like device called the PADD, a portable handheld information access device used by Starfleet crewmembers. Something of the future…or so we thought. Turns out these devices were just around the corner.

How are tablets used today? Between the increased processing powering and the myriad of apps available, it feels like you can pretty much do anything on these itty bitty computers. Whether it’s editing documents, signing contracts, filling out forms, people are no longer tied to their desks.

But are mobile workforces really leveraging these amazing portals of productivity? What can you really get done on all those iPads?

Check out this cool infographic on “Mobility in the Workplace” to see just how much tablets are changing the way we work.

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