Modern facility inspection tool to boost your productivity

Start mobile facility inspections in minutes

Fluix drastically improves productivity of the facility inspectors. The inspectors will be able to work online and offline managing following tasks with ease and without paper:

  • Fill out facilities inspection checklist, custom forms and many other documents
  • Take photographs of the facilities, annotate them and insert into inspection reports
  • Monitor the entire team’s work, assign tasks and notify your team about new documents
  • Track the progress of inspection, see all versions and changes in the facility inspection forms and checklists

Fluix combines simplicity of paper and all advantages of cutting-edge technology. Our clients value Fluix most for having all inspection forms in one place available at all times.

Perform your facility inspection faster than ever

Cut the time and costs of your You will no longer need those trips from the field to the office. With Fluix you will be able to:

  • Get field data right away
  • Create review and approval workflows, share the results of the inspection automatically
  • Get all required people notified whenever there is an issue or critical situation

Fluix customers experiences substantial decrease in document turnaround time, reducing operational and material costs. Managing facility inspection forms and checklists has never been easier!

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