The New Flat Rate partners with Fluix to distribute content securely

The New Flat Rate uses Fluix platform to manage and distribute their proprietary content to hundreds of field teams with over a thousand devices. As their technology partner, our job is to ensure fail-safe environment, high application availability, and quick issue resolution.

To give their business background, residential service companies rely heavily on technicians’ ability to sell in the home. The solution to this long-standing contractor problem is not to train them to be great salesmen, but rather to simplify the sales process. Flat rate pricing provides exactly what the homeowner needs, without the pressure associated with selling.

The New Flat Rate came up with an automatic add-on selling system by customizing a menu of five options for each specific trade, such as HVAC, plumbing, electrics, etc. The electronic books are produced for each company and securely published to their field iPads via Fluix, protecting core intellectual property from misrepresentation.

Fluix has been a fantastic partner of ours, because it’s helped us to grow and to scale, and to continue to provide our customers with bigger and better solutions all the time
Danielle Putnam,
President of The New Flat Rate

Watch this testimonial to learn how Fluix helped The New Flat Rate to transform their operations with:

  • Content distribution control
  • Real-time mobile delivery
  • Multi-channel app access
  • Advanced partner portal