New Feature Release: Creating Roles in Fluix

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How often do you need to grant a user certain rights in Fluix but the standard permissions don’t even cover it? The solution is already available – meet new customizable Roles in Fluix!

We hope you enjoyed our new Admin Portal design, but we went even further and introduced what many of you have been requesting for a while – granular permissions for Fluix Admins.

Now, what exactly does this mean for you and your team? Let’s take a closer look!

Create custom roles for multiple users at once

With the new roles in Fluix you can be very specific as to what rights your Admins can have. Want to make sure your Admins can have access to both storage and workflows, but not to the list of groups? Done! With just a few clicks you can create a brand new Role.

Duplicate the roles you’ve created earlier

Want to slightly edit your new custom role you’ve just created? Not a problem! Just duplicate the Role, make the necessary edits and voilà!

Miss the old permissions with standard roles? Good news, they are still available!

Start creating a new Role and choose amongst the well-known templates for Account Admin, Group Admin, Storage Manager or Messenger with pre-configured rights and edit them as you go. Or, create your own Roles from scratch with granular permissions by selecting Blank Template.

We hope you like the new Roles, let us know how they work for your particular needs and use case.

Stay tuned for the new updates and share your feedback with us at

Yuliya Dmytryshyn
Head of Customer Success