Ultimate construction app for your business

Start mobile inspections in minutes

Fluix takes hassle away from your inspection paperwork. You will be able to

  • Fill out inspection checklists, site reports, audit forms, safety and health forms, and many other documents
  • Get rid of paper binders
  • Take pictures, annotate them and insert into inspection reports
  • Track progress in real time and keep the audit trail
  • Manage the documents for your entire crew from a single place
  • Send documents to and notify your field team without the need to call them

Filling out construction inspection, health and safety as well as audit paperwork in Fluix is no more complicated than on paper. We have Construction companies that onboarded and started working in several hours. Fluix has everything you need for inspections in one place!

Spot health and safety issues right away and fix them as soon as possible

You will no longer need those trips from the field to the office. With Fluix you will be able to:

  • Get field data right away
  • Perform robust administration with automated workflows that makes everyone involved in the construction process aware of the jobs they need to do
  • Get all required people notified whenever there is an issue or critical situation

The greatest improvement most of our customers see is the reduction in document turnaround time by the order of magnitude. Later on they also see diminishing operational and materials costs. In the end, Fluix is the ultimate construction app for your business!

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