Collaborative Document Management With Your Mobile Workforce (Part 1)

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Today, business is more on-the-go than ever before. The way we work has changed. Bringing key team members together into the same room to collaborate is a distant memory for many companies. More frequently, entire teams are expected to work together on the same project, even on the same document, from miles – or even countries – apart.

Increasing Numbers of Mobile Workers

According to one recent study, 90% of workers spend at least some time working outside of corporate headquarters and 34% of the US workforce is completely mobile. Furthermore, 48% of workers spend at least half of their work week working remotely away from the office.

To achieve greater synergies among employees, branch offices, clients and customers, new processes must work efficiently and together. One solution in this area is the use of collaborative document management.

Goin’ Mobile with Collaborative Document Management

Mobile workers often have unique needs that are separate from employees at their desks. They need to be able to do on their phones and tablets what their colleagues can do on their desktops. This often requires the ability to collaborate on documents, fill out forms or sign contracts. Using a collaborative document management solution can bridge any information gaps and create fast, efficient, real-time teamwork.

A company’s success may entirely depend on creating an environment where the document collaboration gap is bridged between teams in different locations. These teams often need to be able to work together on the same documents, making changes and updates, in addition to submitting filled out forms and signed contracts within predetermined approval processes. That’s where a collaborative document management solution comes in.

When used properly, these solutions offer numerous business benefits, such as:

  • Faster, easier access to important documents and information for key workers and partners
  • Better communication between mobile employees and their teams
  • Improved project management turnaround
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced security

Companies sometimes have trouble adapting to the reality they know has arrived. But adapt they must to a workforce that expects to work hard with the relevant tools that the modern world brings.

We’ll publish part two of this business-changing reality for today’s workforce next week. This post will focus more on showing how today’s workforce is different and a clear solution to be able to move forward successfully.