Collaborative Document Management With Your Mobile Workforce (Part 2)

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Last week we published part 1 of an article exploring how collaborative document management can start to shape your workforce. Today, we’re publishing part two that focuses on why company’s need to take the next step to provide a better solution to today’s workforce challenges.

Technology has changed the types of devices we use and the roles they inhabit in our work. Today’s UPS delivery person does not carry a clipboard and pen to capture signatures. Instead, the driver is using an upgraded Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD). Similarly, your mobile teams are getting their work done by collaborating on laptops, smartphones and tablets. For effective collaboration in today’s business environment, workers need to be able to access, edit, and work together on documents from any device, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, laptop, PC, or any other device. That’s the beauty of collaborative document management in business. In its 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends report, Forrester Research correctly pointed out, “Gone are the days when employees wielded a simple set of tools to get work done. In today’s world of anytime, anywhere work, employees use whatever device is most convenient: desktop at home, laptop at work, tablet in a client meeting, or smartphones everywhere. The convenience of mobile devices sets the bar for what your mobile workforce expects: They want access to the Internet and to all their business tools from any location on any device.” The same report found that 53% of workers use multiple devices for work, 37% work from multiple locations, and 82% use many apps for work. Successful companies understand who their employees are, what kind of technology they use, and how they use that technology for specific purposes and outcomes. Today’s anytime, anywhere workforce demands collaboration tools that allow them to work well and work comfortably, using any device to access essential business information and content.

Connect to Work: The New Way Business is Done

Connecting to the cloud, or to the shared drive or company internal programs is what mobile workers do on a daily basis. In this way, work environments are continually evolving significantly. Those businesses not yet investing in collaborative document management software for their employees will get left behind. Facing this reality is what makes collaborative document management tools of all kinds so exciting. “The cloud” is largely, still, storage and the ability to access from anywhere. What’s missing from the cloud is the ability to set a workflow process in place or have a secure system for important documents. Untethered from their desk, mobile workers can download an app effortlessly and work across multi-tier documentation and multiple departments. They can also access electronic documents for revisions, or updates, all while keeping business documents safe and secure. Companies using collaborative software achieve these benefits:

  • Get instant access to the latest documents related to project management.
  • Work with documents in an intuitive app.
  • Manage users and groups with ease.
  • Eliminate paper, printers, scanners and manual document delivery.
  • Maintain control of all those documents.
  • Integrate with whatever cloud storage the company uses or the company’s own servers.
  • Track document status for copy changes, signatures needed, or contract approvals.

As an owner of a business or an employee of a business, you know that being mobile is no longer a luxury but a necessity to stay ahead and be efficient and productive. Not only that, having the right tools changes the mindset of your company and actually allows expansion of the workforce to areas and services you may not have thought of before. It’s time.