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Bringing Field Reporting Into The Digital Era

RTC’s principal conservator, Hannah Riley, had tackled big projects before; the conservation and display of the Princess Diana Collection and working on the Royal Collection at Hampton Court Palace as well as Kensington Palace in London. This project, however, was at a scale her company had never seen before, and she knew they needed help.

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In 2014 Riley Textile Conservation (RTC), was contacted by a State agency to survey the entire contents of a historic home. The task? Create detailed art-conservation reports for each of the over 6,000 objects contained in the collection. It entailed collecting, tracking and processing reports that included text annotations, audio notes and lots of photographs. They also had to manage multiple subcontractors and maintain control over document completion in real time.


  1. 1 Find a way to execute their largest project in time and without expanding the field team
  2. 2 Produce over 6,000 comprehensive reports in less than a year
  3. 3 Track the progress of each report in real-time
"It’s not that this project would have been difficult without Fluix. It would have been impossible."
Riley Textile Conservation

Hannah Riley,
Riley Textile Conservation


RTC’s initial system was rather old-fashioned: pen and paper. They used handwritten reports with annotated sketches for in-the-field documentation. This system of doing things, however, was outdated and inefficient. RTC was accustomed to doing four-to-six reports per month. This State project required over 6,000 reports to be completed within 11 months. With the budget and time frame for the project limited, RTC was forced to turn to a document management solution because it was the only way they could tackle this daunting task.

  1. 1 Fluix enabled Riley Textile Conservation to easily capture field data (fill in forms, sign documents, add photos) using iPads
  2. 2 Intuitive user interface and scalability of the solution helped to train users and deploy Fluix to the team in short order
  3. 3 Tools for real-time collaboration shortened document lifecycle and dramatically decreased average turnaround time
"Fluix gave us much greater control over the amount of time each report would require to complete. For this project, each extra minute spent per report would have translated into fifteen extra days of labor."
Riley Textile Conservation

Hannah Riley,
Riley Textile Conservation


RTC ended up digitizing their document reporting, which made field data collection so seamless that it slashed their time per report to two minutes. RTC didn’t just complete the project; they streamlined their process by leveraging the potential of iPads and Fluix.

  1. 1 Successfully completed their largest project in time
  2. 2 Scaled their operations from several documents per months to around 1,600 without any additional hires
  3. 3 Standardized their templates and accelerated 3 document flow