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fluix success story

Reborn cabinets goes paperless with fluix

Reborn Cabinets has been in business since 1983 and has grown to be the largest kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Southern California. About five years ago Vince Nardo, the President, realized that the only way to grow was to incorporate a lot of technology into daily processes and look at ways of doing things faster. One of the critical pieces of this was overcoming the inefficiency of paper-based document processes.

"If you’re not considering going paperless as the next big move for your business, know - your competitors are. This is an easy way to stay a step ahead of them."

Vince Nardo
Reborn Cabinets


Just a couple of years ago the Reborn Team was using pen and paper for their internal and external documents. This caused a number of challenges and gaps in operation:

  • Delays in delivering contracts from the field to the office. It took 24-48 hours for a sales rep to deliver a contract back to the office.
  • Missing important data or signatures. Some of the required fields were not filled in and legible, which delayed the kick off of customer’s project for months.
  • Paper/printing costs were also significant. Materials were updated frequently and they found themselves reprinting thousands of pages over and over again.


Vince knew this was not ideal and set out on an initiative to take Reborn Cabinets paperless. He was looking for something that was easy to use, easy to get into, wasn’t a large investment and was something that they could get the whole team on board with relatively seamlessly. He set his eyes on Fluix and this was the right choice.

  • Signed contracts are instantly turned in to the office from the client site, improving customer experience with faster projects
  • Customers can sign documents via email if not available in person (works great for constantly updated change orders)
  • Paper costs in the field are fully eliminated


Since going paperless with Fluix, Reborn Cabinets’ business moves faster for its customers, salespeople are far more efficient and paper costs have been eliminated.

Other benefits include:

  • Paperless solution is easy to scale and fast to deploy at the new branches of Reborn Cabinets
  • It is now very easy to distribute templates and push updated documents to the field team
  • Auto-populating of form fields and calculations in Fluix speeded up form filling
  • Sales can easily show videos and presentations in Fluix to impress customers
  • Documents are named automatically, that makes processing easier to office staff
"If you take into account the inventory controls, the fact that we had to have purchasing involved, the fact that the printers would make mistakes, the fact that we would forget inventory, run out of contracts… Imagine that - running out of contracts - you can’t even sell your product! Those are the things we were faced with"

Vince Nardo
Reborn Cabinets