fluix success story

Petri Pest Control

Petri Pest Control is a family-owned and operated pest control company that was founded in 1956 and has been serving South Florida for over 60 years.

Throughout the many years that Petri has been serving South Florida, the company has experienced tremendous change and progress and new technology had a lot to do with it. Two years ago Chris, the Vice President of Petri’s Pest Control, introduced Fluix to the daily operations of the company which marked a new era of digital communications for Petri.

"Throughout decades our company mission has remained the same: to provide customers with the highest quality of service possible and remain the family-owned, neighborhood company our local community can count on for all their pest control needs. Technology has affected the pest management industry in many positive ways, enabling Petri to improve their communications as well as delivery of service and responsiveness to customers."

Service Agent Petri Pest Control


In the beginning, Petri Pest Control conducted all their business using carbon copy paperwork. The process was quite outdated and required the field sales team to make many frequent trips back to the office. Not to mention all the time and money spent on scanning, stapling and filing documents, which proved to be both time-consuming and expensive.


Having heard about Fluix from another pest control company in Florida, Petri’s team decided to give it a try. In the last year and a half they made the transition to a paperless document process by purchasing and utilizing iPads in the field and Fluix to manage all their documents. Now, documents are exchanged between the customer and the office in the most streamlined way. No more lost paperwork because everything is easily located and accessed in Fluix!

“We have had a very positive experience with Fluix since day one. We always have immediate support with any question we have had. Fluix Customer Success Team has both been extremely helpful and quick to respond to any issue we have had.” – Trevor, Service Agent Petri Pest Control

Fluix also provides a document storage that can be accessed anywhere. This way Petri’s team can cut back on time, energy and expense needed to operate their business. Company management can easily review all documents from any computer at any time.

“Our field team is now able to limit the number of trips they need to make to the office. However, the biggest change has been their overall personal organization and their ability to easily keep an e-file of all their paperwork.” – Chris, Vice-President and General Manager

“We save money in printing costs and lots of time is saved from not having to shuffle and file paper forms like before Fluix. Our sales team never runs out of agreements and can avoid making multiple trips back to the office to turn in paperwork by using Fluix automated workflows. To be honest, our team is not naturally computer savvy and was somewhat resistant to the change, but now they praise going paperless and love Fluix for making their job much easier.” – Chris, Vice-President and General Manager


The most crucial improvement Fluix has brought to Petri’s business is efficiency. Implementation of Fluix has changed the way Petri’s operates and now their business can easily scale without the need to immediately hire and increase the size of the staff. As a result, Petri’s moved to paperless document flows and has sent over 5000 documents with Fluix in just under two years!

"I already recommend Fluix to other companies. Fluix has truly provided us with the platform we needed to make the transition to paperless in our company."

Service Agent Petri Pest Control