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fluix success story

Comfort Systems USA goes paperless and streamlines day-to-day operations with Fluix

Nationwide company providing commercial HVAC, mechanical and electrical contracting to customers ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The Company has 38 operating units in 72 cities and 86 locations throughout the United States.

"Fluix makes things smoother, a lot more efficient. It really puts more power in the fields reps hands."
Comfort Systems USA

Stephanie Lloyd,
Construction Business Development,
MTech Texas


Given the business and team growth, company managers noticed a significant communication gap between the field and the office staff.
“Our process before Fluix was paper-based. We were using paper for everything.” - says Stacie Tillery, Administrative Service Manager at Comfort Systems USA, Ohio

Problems with this process:

  • Contracts were delivered to the office with delays
  • Paper documents were getting lost and damaged
  • Technicians handwriting caused miscommunication
  • Paper costs were constantly increasing


Comfort Systems managers wanted a digital transformation to streamline their day-to-day processes and enhance their overall operations more effectively. The rollout process was simple and quick, since the technicians found the Fluix app extremely user-friendly.


Comfort Systems USA streamlined their business operations processes with Fluix — eliminating manual paper documents and aligning the field, office, and accounting teams. The ability to collaborate and access project information in real-time also saved additional time and money spent, overall.

  • Went paperless. “All that documentation is right at the fingertips, it’s on the iPad”, says Stephanie Lloyd. No need to keep track of 40 different documents. It’s all in one place at the click of a button and it goes to where it needs to go.
  • Sped up customer billing. Getting payroll posted quicker, in order to bill customers has been a huge improvement for the company’s back office operations.
  • Reduced visits to the office. Field workers not driving to the shop on Friday to hand their time sheet in. Just fill it out, click and done. They can even do it after hours if they want to. It gives them a lot more power, information, and more resources at their fingertips that they can submit documents quickly and easily.
  • Keep electronic records. Having electronic copy of the work orders, field workers always have something if they need it.
  • Decreased expenses. Elevated productivity lead Comfort Systems to save costs spent on paper and related expenses.
"It’s been wonderful we’ve not only improved our processes, but we’ve saved a lot of money on the paper."
Comfort Systems

Stacie Tillery,
Accounting Manager,
Comfort Systems USA - Ohio

With Fluix, CSUSA eliminated manual paper processes and aligned the teams so that the field, office, and accounting staff could collaborate and access project information in real-time. This saved both time and money.