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Norwegian Municipalities Go Paperless And Save Forests

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Through the partnership with Fluix, Atea helps its customers to switch from physical paper distribution to electronic document flow. Members of municipalities in Norway can now securely read and annotate all the latest materials on their iPads, even in offline mode.

"The savings were not the only value for us, we reduced errors, increased efficiency and can audit if documents were accessed and read prior to important meetings."

Bjørn Andersen
Councilor of Nome Municipality


Only a few years ago, municipalities used to print so much paper that they would need to lease industrial scale equipment, and spend hours on sorting and distributing literally tons of documents. This resulted in extensive overhead and waste:

  1. 1 High costs for limited local government budgets
  2. 2 Not environmentally friendly practices
  3. 3 Heavy binders with hundreds of pages each
  4. 4 No chance to revoke or update content
  5. 5 Too much time spent 5 on printing and shipping

It was Björn Andersen at Nome municipality, who first suggested to reduce reliance on cumbersome paper processes in favour of using iPads for local government meetings. Consequently, Atea brought in Fluix to solve the problem.


Each municipality is allocated a dedicated Fluix account with a powerful administration portal to manage end users, connect document repositories, and deliver meeting materials. Council members only see the content they are entitled to, a few seconds after it is published by administration staff:

  1. 1 Confidential information is encrypted when stored and transferred
  2. 2 The documents are always up-to-date, synced automatically
  3. 3 Document updates are easy to track as new items are highlighted
  4. 4 Copies of materials are stored on the iPad for further reading offline
  5. 5 Annotations and notes are also saved before, during 5 or after meetings


Thousands of council members in over a hundred of municipalities are relying on instant and automatic document delivery via Fluix. Most of them did not even have to be trained to start using the app, making the rollout quick and smooth.

IT departments are now heavily involved, taking the technical aspect of distribution off the secretaries’ shoulders, who can finally focus on their core competence of preparing the information. Everybody can login to Fluix to perform their job, be it system maintenance, content management, or operations reporting.

The overall impact of switching to electronic document distribution turned out to be drastic. In fact, somewhere there is a forest, the size of tens of football fields, that still grows only because municipalities decided to go paperless. This is how many trees they are saving with Fluix – annually.