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Digital Skills That Are Impacting the Construction Industry in 2022

The construction industry can be slow to adopt new technologies when conventional methods still…

Iuliia Nesterenko
July 12, 2022
Beginner’s Guide to Taskstream, Advanced Workflow Automation by Fluix

Manual tasks, data entry in particular, is one of the main problems of field…

Iuliia Nesterenko
April 29, 2022
How to Improve the Change Request Process

Very few things in life are certain, but there is one you can count…

Olga Zakharova
February 11, 2022
8 Best Construction Project Management Software

Construction project management software refers to a set of tools that enable teams and…

Iuliia Nesterenko
February 2, 2022
What can enterprises do with Fluix workflows?

Fluix is used in a wide range of industries around the world. Account admins…

Brandon Hull
September 3, 2020
‘Lightweight’ digital transformation through document workflow automation

Every person in business relies on documents to get work done. You create them,…

Brandon Hull
August 4, 2020
business man writing process flowchart diagram on whiteboard on black background
The benefits of business process mapping with digitalization initiatives

Are you feeling frustrated about complicated processes that feel cumbersome, manual, and slow? Want…

Brandon Hull
July 23, 2020
How facility managers can cut building maintenance costs: step-by-step

Facility managers are often tasked with the delicate balance of running an updated, streamlined…

March 17, 2020
Five processes document management software improves for insurance companies

Across all industries, businesses are consistently seeking improvements to daily workflows in order to…

February 14, 2020
3 ways to get your workflows looking lean in 2021

Any business owner and manager knows that change is necessary in order to remain…

February 5, 2020
The best holiday gift for field teams: more free time

Receiving a holiday gift from an employer is a timeless seasonal gesture. Whether it’s a fruitcake…

Jenny Butler
December 19, 2019
6 benefits of workflow automation: shining a light for solar energy

By 2022, around 4% of global electricity production will be solar generated. As solar…

Jenny Butler
July 23, 2019
How wind energy teams can breeze through o&m workflows

When it comes to wind power, we’re real big fans. But, did you know…

Jenny Butler
July 16, 2019
5 construction workflow issues that stink worse than your onsite porta potty

You’re right on-track with the latest technology when you’re designing plans and bidding for…

Jenny Butler
April 16, 2019