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6 Ways Drones Are Used in Mining

Extractive industries stand to benefit from adopting digital technologies. Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones…

Vita Vypovska
October 12, 2022
Digitalization for Renewables: 4 Ways to Optimize a Solar Farm

Digitalization describes the deployment of digital technologies for smarter asset management. From monitoring systems…

Vita Vypovska
August 23, 2022
How to Mitigate Extreme Weather Risks for Solar Projects

Climate change has contributed to more extreme weather conditions around the world, including more…

Dasha Gaioshko
August 10, 2022
5 Construction Associations Project Managers Need to Join

Whether you’re new to the world of construction or you’re a senior construction professional,…

Iuliia Nesterenko
August 3, 2022
How Project Owners Can Use Technology To Manage Project Costs

When it comes to managing construction projects, progress is usually measured by a few…

Dasha Gaioshko
July 20, 2022
6 Digital Forms That Simplify HR Documentation and Management

Digital forms empower human resources professionals to streamline many critical tasks and processes, from…

Iuliia Nesterenko
June 22, 2022
How to Improve Timesheet Filling for Construction Field Crews

In construction, the adage “time is of the essence” is significant in several ways.…

Olga Zakharova
June 16, 2022
Fluix Aviation Event: Insights & Key Takeaways

TL/DR Top 7 Takeaways: Collaboration between teams is perhaps the most important factor in…

Jenny Butler
June 9, 2022
What Technology Is Transforming the HVAC Industry in 2022

Smart devices and other networked technology have made a mark on many industries, including…

Dasha Gaioshko
June 3, 2022
Beginner’s Guide to Taskstream, Advanced Workflow Automation by Fluix

Manual tasks, data entry in particular, is one of the main problems of field…

Iuliia Nesterenko
April 29, 2022
Tech Trends Driving Innovation in Manufacturing

Production shutdowns and labor shortages have posed significant challenges to manufacturers in recent years.…

Vita Vypovska
April 20, 2022
Fluix Smartsheet Integration for Data Collection and Analysis

Companies whose performance hugely relies on data typically use multiple automated business solutions: document…

Iuliia Nesterenko
April 7, 2022
Q1 2022 Fluix Product Updates

Welcome to the Fluix product updates: Q1 edition! We’ve been updating and expanding on…

Olga Zakharova
March 30, 2022
Post-COVID Trends in Aviation

Although Covid-19 still lingers, the recent increase in passenger numbers across the aviation sector…

Jenny Butler
March 17, 2022
7 Best Paperless Office Software

Paperless office applications are designed to reduce or eliminate the flow of paperwork through…

Vita Vypovska
February 27, 2022
How Automation Low Code/No Code Platforms Help Power Your Business

Automation can help businesses to operate more efficiently and achieve better bottom-line results. However,…

Iuliia Nesterenko
February 21, 2022
2022 Digital Transformation Trends

Digital transformation is often associated with complicated processes but the actual concept is simple.…

Iuliia Nesterenko
January 19, 2022
Why Going Paperless Is an Urgent Business Decision

Years ago, you could casually consider the decision to go paperless within your team…

Brandon Hull
December 10, 2021
Automated Data Filling: How to Fill Out a Mobile Form

Automated form filling can improve performance for many companies that do numerous activities requiring…

Iuliia Nesterenko
December 2, 2021