Going Paperless: The Benefits of Digital Expense Reports for Your Field Team

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Going Paperless: The Benefits of Digital Expense Reports for Your Field Team

Timesheets and work orders are just two of the many ways you can save time and money by going paperless. But an oft-forgotten, immensely important part of every business is tracking expense reports.

For many HVAC and construction, tracking expenses is a daily expenditure of time – as well as a daily drain of money – that is a necessary party of maintaining a profitable company. A lot of them have a difficult time processing reports from the field for several reasons, including:

  •       Multi-channel distribution of information. With reports coming in through phone, email and on paper, it’s understandably difficult to see the whole picture.
  •       Data analysis. Your employees spend valuable time crunching numbers and not doing the job you hired them for.
  •       Stacks of disorganized paper. Loose sheets of paper are hardly manageable, and trying to find old receipts can be a nightmare. Not to mention duplicate copies can easily be sent to the wrong people, or get lost in the fray.
  •       Unfocused labor. With your field agents fumbling with work orders, time cards, receipts and a host of other paperwork, how much of their energy is focused on the task at hand?

With all of that in mind, it’s truly no surprise when many employees find themselves drowning in paperwork and paralyzed to the point of inefficiency. When there is no standardized way of submitting information, business processes get complicated and can slow down to halt.

It’s time to consider the digital option. Though implementing paperless expense reporting requires a bit of dedication, the advantages are vast. Our customers have been able to eliminate the use of paper entirely. By changing their expense tracking to a digital system, they’ve reaped several benefits, including:

  •       Creating a unified fillable PDF used to submit all the expenses to the office. This includes photos of receipts; whatever has been purchased can easily be added on as attachments.
  •       Employees no longer need to email expense reports. When corrections are made in the system, a new file gets emailed to the necessary parties.
  •       All reports are stored in the same centralized location and only those with permission within the system have access to them.
  •       Simplicity is key. After a quick training by one of our consultants, you team will quickly and efficiently fill out and submit their paperless expense reports. The less time they spend on this task, the more time they have to visit the next customer.

Ready to give paperless expense tracking a try? If you’d like to give your team more time to do their work and generate revenue, let us know. We’ll share some best practices from the industry.