Best Practices for Collecting Customer Signatures in the Field

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Best Practices for Collecting Customer Signatures in the Field

HVAC and Construction industries deals with a lot of signatures. Every field technician needs to collect one whenever he’s accessing a property, performs maintenance or needs his work accepted. In any case the easier it is to collect signatures and manage the paperwork, the less room there is for mistakes.

Here are just some of the things your team faces if you’re still collecting signatures on paper:

– Long Documents Turnaround Time.

Picking up form templates in the office, getting them signed by the customer and delivering them back to the office takes too much time. Some of our customers tell that it sometimes takes a week between the site visit and the day when documents are back in the office.

– Unnecessary Expenses.

Every time your employees print, copy, drive to the office to deliver documents, they are wasting their time and company resources. Gas reimbursements, paper and printing costs are just a small part of daily overheads that should be improved.

– Lack of Schedule Flexibility.

If a customer wanted one job performed and then asked for some additional services, your technicians need to make too many additional steps to formalize that and ensure that office is aware of the change.

– Money Turnaround.

The longer it takes to deliver signed documents to the office, the later the billing date is. Which means that money gets stuck instead of actually working for your business.

There are other pain points for every business dealing with printed paperwork, but a lot of companies across your industry have overcome their fears and took another path. These 3 tips will dramatically change your operational efficiency if deployed properly:

– Modern Technology.

Equip your team with the latest technology to make them as productive as possible. E.g. iPad + cloud form filling and signing solution will help them do their job better than ever before. And they will not waste another piece of paper or gallon of gas ever again.

– Standardized Templates.

Create one standardized fillable PDF for every type of document that technicians need in the field. Use advantages of PDF format like radio buttons, drop downs, checkboxes etc. to ensure the quickest document handling and job performance.

– Streamlined Processes.

Make the process of data exchange between field and office workers as easy as one click or tap on the screen. The easier the processes are for end users, the less errors they produce.

Follow these easy guidelines and you’ll surely feel the difference in operational excellence shortly.

Would like to learn more or try it on your own? Let us know.

Stay tuned! We’ve covered Time Cards, Work Orders and Expense Reports, Safety and Maintenance Reports in our previous posts. Tips on more efficient processing of Manuals and Safety Documentation are coming.